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Brass Washers Copper washers Brass Cup washers pressed parts components

Brass washers Copper washers Brass Machined Washers Brass Cup washers Copper sealing washers

Types of Brass Washers Copper Washers Brass Cup washers : 
Circlips Washers Plain Brass Washers Copper washers DIN 125  Din 126 Brass   Machined Washers Grinding Washers  Shims Washers Shake Proof Lock Washers  Copper seals Copper sealing washers Copper machined washers Brass Cup washers Brass Screw cups Belleville washers Spring Washers Fan Disc Lock Washers bronze washers thrust washers bimetal washers Locking Washers Helical Spring Lock Washers

brass washers copper washersbrass washers copper washers

Indian Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass washers Copper washers Brass Machined washers Brass Cup washers Brass Screw Cups Brass DIn 125 Washers Brass Flat washers

Brass washers Copper washers pressed parts Pressed components Material:

Brass sheets Copper sheets
Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 type (i) or
High Grade Free Cutting Brass or
Any special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement for Brass washers and Copper washers
Brass Washers

Standard Specification Followed :

Plain washers to BS 4320: 1968 DIN 125, 433 and Brass S.S. Copper Bronze Pressings pressed parts components press work .Also available special pressed parts pressings and deep drawn components for Switchgears, Transformers, Elevators, Heaters and other electromechanical applications.
Our range of Brass Washers Copper washers is exported to 32 countries.

Pressing and pressed parts up to 5mm thickness can be provided on 400 tones press Auto pressed parts and Pressings for automotive use in stainless steel Brass shims pressed nuts Brass terminals auto parts available.
Material Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel (S.S.) (A2 / A4) and Vulcanized red fiber. Bronze Finish Natural, Nickel, Electro-Tin etc. Note Available Stainless Steel deep drawing facility for Cutlery and Utensils Brass Washers are Manufactured From Brass Sheets  Any Special Brass Material Composition As Per Customers Requirement. Any Kind Of Bolts Can Be Developed And Supplied Exactly As Per Customer Specifications, Design And Requirement.

Key Features: Brass washers and Copper washers from 2mm to 200mm can be offered

Finish: Generally Brass Washers pressed parts pressed components  and Copper washers come with  Natural, Nickel & Tin Finish. But Surface Finishes such as Chromium, Silver, Gold, etc. can be done as per customers requirement.

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