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Welcome to the world of AMU Brass Components Jamnagar India . We are one of the largest Indian manufacturer and exporters of Brass parts Brass turned components and Copper fittings  operating from Jamnagar Gujarat, India. We have a fully equipped unit which manufactures and markets Brass Anchors Neutral links  Brass terminals Brass Fasteners Brass Fittings Brass Connectors  Brass nuts lock nuts  Brass washers Turned parts Brass screws Brass Terminal Blocks  Pressed parts Bronze fittings Brass moulding inserts Copper Lugs terminals Copper Bronze grounding clamps PPR fittings  Brass fasteners  fixings Brass casting  Stainless Steel fasteners  cable glands and Brass Hose Barbs Hose fittings for export to over 20 countries worldwide. We sell direct to OEMs and users in Europe, America , Australia, Canada etc.

We started as a family group and have evolved in to one stop non ferrous metal part solution. We have made exhaustive investment in to machines, instruments and processes and can deliver world class components at very competitive prices.

Progressing with our continuously increasing yearly sales, it is obvious our philosophy to please the customer with quality products and competitive price is being achieved. We welcome you to join us in this growth story and have a symbiotic relationship.

We are known for our quality perfection with timely delivery and competitive prices. We are always eager to serve our customers and apply new ideas to improve our quality and bring the industry forward with us.

We have our own Brass extrusion plant which offers various Copper and Brass alloys for production to us. The list of Brass alloys we normally use is as follows-

European Standard (DIN - German Standards) European Metal Codes

B.S. Material
Codes British Standard

UNS Material
Codes American Standard
S.S. Material
Codes Scandinavian standards
CuZn36Pb2 As CW602N CZ132 C35330 SS-5170
CuZn36Pb3 CW603N CZ124 C36000 SS-5112
CuZn39Pb2 CW612N CZ128   SS-5168
CuZn38Pb1.50 CW608N CZ128   SS-5243


CW606N CZ131 C35300 SS-5114
CuZn38Pb2 CW608N CZ128 C38500 SS-5122
CuZn39Pb3 CW614N CZ121 C37710 SS-5150
CuZn40Pb2 CW617N CZ122   SS-5163


Our list of products:
Brass anchors  Neutral Links , Brass Anchor fasteners, Neutral bars , Brass Inserts , Brass Nuts     ,Brass Terminals, Brass Anchors  , Brass Fasteners ,  Brass Bolts ,  Brass nuts ,   lock nuts , Jam nuts ,  Hex Nuts  , Brass Washers , Copper Washers , Brass Turned Parts , Brass fittings , electrical  terminals , Brass casting , LG1 , Lg2 , Gunmetal Casting  CDA 360 Fittings Copper Fittings , Copper Parts , Bronze fittings , Copper Alloy casting , Copper Lugs Water tank connectors Stainless Steel fasteners , Stainless Steel hose fittings  , Stainless Steel components  , Brass Screws , Brass fasteners  , Brass fixings, Brass  moulding  inserts , Brass PPR inserts PPR fittings ,  Terminal Blocks neutral blocks , Bronze casting , Bronze fittings


Our export markets and products : We are Indian manufactures exporters and suppliers of Brass anchors Anchor fasteners Copper terminals Stainless Steel fittings Aluminium  components , Brass Neutral Links Brass Neutral Bars , Brass Inserts , Brass Nuts , Brass Anchors , Brass Fasteners , Brass Turned Parts , Brass Cable Glands , Brass Hose Fittings , Brass Casting Non-Ferrous Castings, Copper Fittings and Copper Parts , Copper Lugs Terminals , Copper - Bronze Grounding Clamps , Copper - Bronze Grounding Rods , Stainless Steel Fasteners , Stainless Steel Hose Fittings , Brass Screws , Bronze Fittings Bronze Casting  , Brass PPR fittings , Brass Washers Copper Washers , Brass Terminals Battery terminals , Brass Connectors , Brass Terminal Blocks. All our products are used by leading European and American OEMs.

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Copper Fittings and Copper Parts  Copper Lugs Terminals  Copper - Bronze Grounding Clamps Copper - Bronze Grounding Rods  Stainless Steel Fasteners  Stainless Steel Hose Fittings  Brass Screws Bronze Fittings Bronze Casting   Brass PPR fittings  Brass Washers Copper Washers  Brass Terminals Battery terminals  Brass Connectors  Brass Terminal Blocks