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Brass Casting Copper Castings Non Ferrous castings Brass foundry india jamnagar sand casting 
Copper Aluminium Bronze Alloys Gunmetal casting Bronze casting fittings machined castings Brass Castings

BRASS Castings Copper casting Bronze casting and Non Ferrous casting

We in our foundry in Jamnagar India offer Brass casting Copper casting Bronze casting Non ferrous metal casting sand casting centrifugal casting Gunmetal casting  ( C 83600) facility up to 40 kg's in weight and Brass castings up to 1meter in length. Our sand casting facility is well equipped to tackle any challenging Brass Casting job or Brass castings enquiry.

Copper Bronze Casting Brass Casting Copper Castings Non Ferrous castings Brass foundry india jamnagar sand casting
Brass Casting copper casting bronze casting fittings

Brass Castings, Copper Casting, Copper Bronze Alloy Casting:

• Manufactured as per material compositions required by the buyer.
• Items available in SAE, BS, AS, ANSI and DIN standards as per buyers requirement.
• Low Cost.
• Design is Push-on type.
• Use with plastic , rubber hose and tubing.
• Used with hose clamp.
• Working pressure will meet with plastic tubing.
• Excellent vibration characteristics.

Material: Brass or Copper Alloy Non ferrous alloys Bronze Copper Castings Casting.
• Brass is 319 type or BS 249 type. CDA 360 Brass , LG2 LG1 PB1 PB2 centrifugal casting sand casting foundry  CZ 121  Brass to BS 2874 / 2872.
• Any special Brass and Copper Material Composition as per customers requirement for Brass Copper casting.

Brass Casting Copper casting Bronze Gunmetal casting  Brass Castings Weights : from 10 Grams to 40 kg's
• We can offer Brass machined castings Leaded red Brass CDA 386Copper Bronze casting Brass Casting machining cast parts are available in our sand casting investment casting gravity casting die casting  foundries in Jamnagar India 

Custom sizes:
• Specification or as per custom design or requirement.

Finishing and Coating:
• Natural, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tinned, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.

CDA Copper and red Brass Grades:
CDA  833 CDA 834 CDA 836  C 844 852 854 857 858 CDA 903 905  907 911 913 Leaded Tin bronze Alloys  922 927 932  937 943  Aluminium Bronze ( Aluminum Bronze ) alloys 952  953 954 955 957 958 Admirality Copper C443 Copper nickel




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